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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions Most Asked About Rentals

Do you Deliver and set up?
Yes all of our Bounce Houses are delivered and set up and include
free delivery to most local areas. We walk you around the unit and show
you how things work. Set up within 100' of power and truck, no down or up
hills. Extra fee
might apply.

What kind of power do I need?
Power must be within 100 feet of unit, each blower runs on 110v, 20 amp
circuits outlet. 1 50' extension cord is supplied. We do supply Generators
if no power is close by for an extra charge.

What about the weather?
If it rains or if the wind exceeds 15 mph the unit must be shut down and
covered. When the weather clears it can be started back up.
The day of the rental if the weather looks bad or if it is raining we have the
right to cancel, but after delivery is made and it rains there is no refund.

How long is the Moonwalk rental?
Our prices are for all day, be it 4 hours or 8. We drop of as early as
possible in the day and start pick ups at
9pm, depending on area. We
sometimes do overnight rentals but that has to be agreed on before hand.

Do you set up in parks?
Yes we set up in parks, schools, church's and more. You will need to
check the park and see about the requirements. Lots of time a Generator
needs to be supplied by us.

What kind of surface can Bounce House be set up
We set up on grass 90% of the time and is preferred. The grass must be cut
and the area free of pet dodo. The area needs to be free of tree twigs also.
If we need to clean area there is an extra charge. Make sure there are no
overhead wires or underground wires.
Please make sure of water supply and mark area. We are not responsible
for damage when hammering down spikes.
We set up on pavement, just let us know ahead of time.

Tent Set Up
All tents are set up on grass and must be within 100' of truck or extra
charge might apply. We set up tent but not tables or chairs, extra charge
might apply. All chairs and tables must be restacked upon pickup same as
we dropped off.
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